Metal Oxide Powder Technologies - Humanitas

Metal Oxide Powder Technologies

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ISBN: 9780128175057
Leidimo metai: 2020
Leidėjas: Elsevier
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai
Formatas: 9×6
<p><i>Metal Oxide Powder Technologies: Fundamentals, Processing Methods and Applications</i> reviews the fundamentals, processing methods and applications of this key materials system. Topics addressed comprehensively cover chemical and physical properties, synthesis, preparation, both accepted and novel processing methods, modeling and simulation. The book provides fundamental information on the key properties that impact performance, such as particle size and crystal structure, along with methods to measure, analyze and evaluate. Finally, important applications are covered, including biomedical, energy, electronics and materials applications.</p>

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