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Effective Communication

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ISBN: 9780241537992
Author :
Publisher: DK
Number of pages: 96
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 177 x 124

Perfect your business communication skills and become a better leader with DK's newest practical business guide.

This new and improved edition will give you the tools to achieve effective communication both in the office and working from home. You'll discover how to enhance your communication skills by learning to understand your audience, communicate strategically, and discover which delivery approach is right for you.

Ever find it hard to have those crucial conversations with colleagues and clients? This management book will show you how to overcome barriers to communication, choose the right medium for your message, and make an impact.

In a slim and portable format, ideal for learning on-the-go, this practical guide offers:

-A clear and accessible approach, with step-by-step instructions, tips, and checklists, to engage and challenge -readers
-'Ask yourself' features encouraging self-reflection and self-growth
-Eye-catching illustrations, graphics, and tables
-Real-world case studies to demonstrate and explain problem-solving and build confidence

Develop professionally and inspire others!

At DK we know that having those important business conversations is not always easy. This management book will teach you how to listen effectively, building the people skills to communicate successfully at every business level - be it with junior team members or the board of directors.

The perfect toolkit for remote management in our flexible working world, this practical guide offers the latest advice on communicating from a distance, recommending which technology and techniques to use in order to achieve the best results from working from home.

Why settle for mediocre management?

The Essential Managers series includes a total of 10 titles to help you maximize your potential as a business manager. Perfect your sales pitch with Essential Managers: Selling, or improve upon your leadership skills with Essential Managers: Leadership. The guides are written to complement but not compete with each other, so you can tailor your learning to your specific business needs and discover the DK book that's right for you!

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