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Wayne Clarke

How to Become a World-Class Manager

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ISBN: 9781398609709
Author : Wayne Clarke
Published: 2023
Publisher: Kogan Page
Number of pages: 216
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Whether you're an aspiring manager, in middle management or a global executive, gain the skills, insights and confidence you need to become a world-class manager.

Over 77% of organizations believe that effective leadership is lacking in the modern workforce. That leaves a huge opportunity for success for anyone who develops their skills to become a world-class manager. This ground-breaking book uncovers the secrets of success through key insights across all sectors and all disciplines of business, from time management and meetings to developing strategies and building a team.

As a globally renowned leadership expert, Wayne Clarke brings his wealth of expertise to this book, distilling the key insights and skills from his globally bestselling course. Supported by a range of diverse case studies, How to Become a World-Class Manager will equip you with the skills and insights you need to take your career to new heights and reach the higher echelons of management.

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