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Randy Gage

Defcon 1 Direct Selling: Manual for Field Leaders

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ISBN: 9781119642114
Author : Randy Gage
Published: 2020
Publisher: Wiley
Number of pages: 208
Language: English
Format: Paperback
“Defcon 1 Leadership lets Randy Gage go into a serious, deep dive into the realities of leading an MLM team of more than 10,000 people. (He built a team of 200,000+ people, so he is uniquely qualified to write this book.) Most leadership books suggest that in every situation, there is an ideal solution that a brilliant leader will always discover. That’s not the way it works in the real world. Sometimes you have to settle for a difficult, but workable temporary solution. And sometimes there is no solution. Your job as a leader is to be able to operate in chaotic situations, weathering the storm in the best possible way, until factors outside your control change and you’re able to implement a true solution– The leading authority on network marketing shares everything you need to know to lead a successful direct sales team. Defcon 1 Direct Selling is the must-have playbook for anyone leading a direct sales team.   It’s Gage’s follow up to the international bestseller, Direct Selling Success, and it’s a handbook for leaders. DEFCON is the U.S. military acronym for “Defense Readiness Condition.” DEFCON 1 is reserved only for imminent catastrophic events, like a nuclear war. Luckily, you don’t have to fend off missile attacks in direct selling, but you will face some extremely difficult challenges and urgent crises leading your MLM team. No one knows how to lead teams better than author Randy Gage, a former high school dropout who rose to become a self-made multi-millionaire and inspire millions around the world. In this highly anticipated book, Randy teaches you how to hold your team together in the mostdifficult circumstances —the stuff no one likes to talk about, but that is vital for top-level leaders. It takes much more than a positive attitude and motivational words to be a successful field leader. True leadership requires you to deal with messy, complicated scenarios when there is not always a clear-cut solution. Many of these challenges are caused by factors completely out of your control—from economic, regulatory, and political setbacks, to having top leaders quit, to companies going out of business, and a host of other issues. It’s at times like these, when it seems like your team is falling apart, that you must draw upon your resilience, persistence, and character to ride out the storm and lead your team through the chaos. This indispensable resource will enable you to:
  • Create a team culture of maximum readiness
  • Deal with toxic leaders and effectively handle conflict resolution
  • Use your leadership to make your team more powerful and build their self-esteem
  • Handle corporate incompetence, poor decisions, and PR crises
  • Know what to do when you or a team leader leave a company
Most leadership books will tell you, wrongly, that every situation has an ideal solution. Not this one. Defcon 1 Direct Selling: Manual for Field Leaders delivers the plain, unadulterated truth that everyone leading a direct sales team needs to know.

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