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Nicole E Williams

This is How You Vagina

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ISBN: 9781626348783
Author : Nicole E Williams
Published: 2021
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
Number of pages: 272
Language: English
Format: Paperback
In This is How You Vagina, Dr. Nicole Williams presents readers with a much-needed resource on the history, science, and attitudes about the most fascinating and misunderstood part of the female anatomy: the vagina. She includes valuable information about sexual function, child birth, and physiology and presents answers to her patients' most common questions. She also dispels the most common myths concerning female genitalia. This book is an easy-to-understand guide, complete with illustrations, for women to explore and understand their vaginas in a way they never have before. Readers will learn what's normal and what's not, including that, yes, theirs is most certainly normal too.

This revealing and informative book is made for any woman from age 18 to 88 who is looking to better understand the form and function of this fascinating organ.

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