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Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Vol. 2, 17th ed., English/Latin

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ISBN: 9780702067662
Published: 2023
Publisher: Urban & Fischer
Language: English
Format: Hardback
<p>MORE THAN AN ATLAS</p> <p><b>Studying anatomy is fun!</b> Recognising the structures on the dissection, understanding their relationships and gaining an overview of how they work together assures confident study and transition into clinical practice.</p> <p>The Sobotta Atlas shows <b>authentic illustrations of the highest quality</b>, drawn from genuine specimens, guaranteeing the best preparation for the gross anatomy class and attestation.</p> <p>Sobotta focuses on the <b>basics</b>, making it totally <b>comprehensive</b>. Every tiny structure has been addressed according to current scientific knowledge and can be found in this atlas. <b>Themes relevant</b> to exams and sample questions from oral anatomy exams help to focus the study process.</p> <p>The Sobotta Atlas is the optimal <b>learning atlas</b> for studying, from the <b>first semester</b> till the <b>clinical semester. Case studies </b>present examples and teach clinical understanding. Clinical themes and digressions into functional anatomy are motivating and impart valuable information for prospective medical practice.</p> <p>With over <b>100 years of experience in 17 editio</b>ns and thousands of unique anatomical illustrations, Sobotta achieves ongoing success.</p> <p>The volume <b><i>Inner Organs</i></b> contains the chapters:</p> <p><b>Organs of the thoracic cavity </b>Topography - Heart - Lung - Oesophagus - Cross-sectional images</p> <p><b>Organs of the abdominal cavity </b>Development - Topography - Stomach - Intestines - Liver and gallbladder Pancreas - Neurovascular pathways - Cross-sectional images</p> <p><b>Retroperitoneal space and pelvic cavity</b> Topography - Kidney and adrenal gland - Efferent urinary tracts - Rectum and anal canal - Male genitalia - Female genitalia - Cross-sectional images</p>

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