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Simply Astronomy

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ISBN: 9780241446713
Author :
Publisher: DK
Number of pages: 160
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 220 x 158

The simplest guide to astronomy and stargazing!

Grasping astronomy has never been easier. The awe of the night sky will soon turn into knowledge of the constellations, planets, and astrological phenomena!

Bold graphics and easy-to-understand text make this visual guide the perfect introduction to astronomy and stargazing for those who have little time but a big thirst for knowledge. Inside you'll find:

- Simple, easy-to-understand graphics that help to explain astronomy, space, and the night sky in a clear, visual way
- The latest astronomical information on black holes, gravitational waves, the origin of the Universe, and the planets of the Solar System
- User-friendly star-charts that guide you through the sky using brighter stars as "signposts" to locate harder-to-see objects
- Essential advice on the practicalities of stargazing - from observing with the naked eye to using telescopes

Each pared-back entry covers the essentials more clearly than ever before. The opening chapters provide an introduction to the Universe, a visual tour of the Solar System, and a guide to more distant objects such as stars and galaxies.

Along the way, concepts such as the Big Bang, gravity, and space-time are introduced and explained. Later chapters describe how to navigate around the night sky and introduce some must-see constellations, complete with simple star charts.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or simply want a jargon-free reference to astronomy and stargazing, this essential guide is packed with everything you need to understand the basics quickly and easily.

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