Yuri V. Pisanko

Solar Wind Acceleration

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ISBN: 9781527581807
Author : Yuri V. Pisanko
Published: 2022
Number of pages: 355
Format: Hardback
In addition to sunshine, the Sun emits about one trillion tons of ionized hydrogen per second into the interplanetary space, a phenomenon known as solar wind. This book systematizes the knowledge of the solar wind acceleration region, which is, figuratively speaking, the space weather “kitchen” similar to the Mexican gulf (where the Gulf Stream originates). The processing of unique scientific information about the solar wind at heliocentric distances up to three solar radii obtained from receiving antennas directed almost to the Sun (a challenging technical task itself) during telecommunication sessions with “Mars-2”, “Mars-4”, “Venera-10”, “Venera-15”, and “Venera-16” spacecraft, along with original approaches for modelling the solar wind acceleration region, underlie the factual basis for the book.

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