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Sarah Brown

Hidden Language of Cats

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ISBN: 9780241655498
Author : Sarah Brown
Published: 2023
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Number of pages: 304
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 222×138
THIS BOOK TRANSLATES ALL THE MEOWS - IN CASE YOU MISSED ANYTHING Today, domestic cats live harmoniously with devoted owners all over the world. But how did the wildcats of old creep into our homes and our hearts, convincing us to keep them warm, fed, and pampered? They learned to talk to us. Renowned cat behaviour scientist Dr. Sarah Brown reveals the previously unexplored secrets of cat communication in a book that is both scientifically grounded and utterly delightful. Each chapter dives into a different form of communication, including: · Vocalisation· Tail signals· Scents· Rubbing· Ear movements Through observing the behavior of two cat colonies in rural England, readers will also have the opportunity to glimpse into the lives of some of the cats behind Dr. Brown's science.With references to historical records, modern scientific studies of cat-human communication, and the inclusion of simple, elegant line drawings, The Hidden Language of Cats is perfect for any cat lover who wants to learn more about their beloved companion.

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