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Welcome to Birštonas

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ISBN: 9789955652670
Published: 2010
Publisher: Terra publica
Number of pages: 70
Language: English
Format: Hardback

Lithuania is situated in north - estearn Europe, on the east  coast of the Baltic Sea. This small country with an area of 65,300 square kilometres has population of 3.4 million. The country has common boundaries with Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). In 1989, the French National Geographic Institute established that the geographical centre of Europe is located in Lithuania. The capital of the country is Vilnius, whose Old Town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to cultural and linguistic differences Lithania is divided into five regions: Aukštaitija, Dzūkija, Suvalkija, Žemaitija (Samogitia) and Lithiania Minor.

Welcome to Birštonas, Dzūkija - the land of forests, rivers, lakes, and songs!

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