Givi Gavardashvili

Predicting Erosive and Debris Flow Processes and the Innovative Measures to Control Them

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ISBN: 9781527584822
Author : Givi Gavardashvili
Published: 2022
Number of pages: 245
Format: Hardback
This book describes erosion and debris flow-type waterways in Georgia, assessing the risks of those formed in the mountain landscapes of Georgia and calculating the material and economic damage caused by the debris flow.

In order to effectively regulate debris flows, the book presents innovative environmental protection structures, the scientific-technical priorities of which are also certified by relevant patents. In order to design innovative debris flow control structures, theoretical, laboratory and field studies have been conducted, through which the book is able to calculate the dynamic and static loads acting on the structures and use this data to determine the reliability and risk of it.

The book will appeal to scientists working in the field of applied and fundamental sciences, students of higher educational institutions, and a wide range of engineering experts interested in the field of environmental protection.

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