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Hydrogen Economy

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ISBN: 9780323995146
Published: 2023
Publisher: Academic Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 9×6
<i>Hydrogen Economy: Supply Chain, Life Cycle Analysis and Energy Transition for Sustainability, Second Edition</i> explores the challenges for the transition into a sustainable hydrogen economy. In this book, experts from various academic backgrounds discuss the tools and methodologies for the analysis, planning, design, and optimization of hydrogen supply chains. They examine the available technologies for hydrogen production, storage, transport, distribution, and energy conversion, providing a cross cutting perspective on their sustainability.<br><br>This second edition of <i>Hydrogen Economy</i> is fully updated with new technologies and tools for design, optimization, assessment, and decision-making, and includes twelve new chapters divided into two new sections. Section III examines advanced hydrogen routines and technologies, including fuel cells and hybrid electric vehicles, new storage technologies, and biohydrogen production from waste, allowing for a more complete life cycle assessment of the entire supply chain. Section IV provides new insights into policy and future developments, discussing the role of Grey, Blue, and Green hydrogen in the energy transition, the application of hydrogen in decarbonization of heavy industry, hydrogen safety, and more, substantially broadening the scope of the 2nd Edition.<br><br>Providing a broad overview of the subject and well-recognized tools to manage hydrogen sustainability, <i>Hydrogen Economy Second Edition</i> is an invaluable resource for engineering researchers and PhD students in energy, environmental and industrial areas, energy economy researchers, practicing hydrogen energy engineers and technicians, energy and environmental consultants, life cycle assessment practitioners and consultants.

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