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Will Eagle

Making TikTok Videos

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ISBN: 9781394156061
Author : Will Eagle
Published: 2023
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Number of pages: 192
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Create videos using the tricks of TikTok stars!

Making TikTok Videos reveals the secrets that TikTok celebs and influencers use to make the videos that everyone's watching. Hilarious clips, the latest dances, instruction videos-whatever you want to do, make sure it shows off the latest TikTok styles. This book shows you how to use whatever you have on hand to record, edit, and upload TikToks. Add music and text, get creative, and start sharing your finished products. With this guide, you'll get easy instructions on how to make videos that people remember. You also get some tips on how to bring viewers to your account.

Use your mobile device to shoot videos with top-notch sound
Learn the editing tricks TikTok pros use to create a finished video
Set up your TikTok account and set your privacy
Keep up with the latest TikTok video styles

Written especially for the 10-14 age group interested in creating their first TikTok videos, this Dummies Jr. title will help you get plugged into the TikTok universe.

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