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Mike McGrath

PHP in easy steps : Updated fo r PHP 8

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ISBN: 9781840789232
Author : Mike McGrath
Published: 2021
Publisher: In Easy Steps
Number of pages: 192
Language: English
Format: Paperback
PHP in easy steps, 4th edition demonstrates every aspect of the language you'll need to produce professional web programming results. Its examples provide clear syntax-highlighted code, which is freely downloadable, showing PHP language basics including variables, arrays, logic, looping, functions and classes. Install a free web server and the PHP interpreter to create an environment in which you can produce your own data-driven web pages. Write PHP server-side scripts; master PHP operators and control structures; process HTML form data; get cookies and session data; access Web Services APIs over HTTP... and much more!

PHP in easy steps, 4th edition is ideal for PHP newbies who want to quickly learn the fundamentals of server-side programming with PHP and create interactive web pages. Also, useful for PHP pros who want to grasp the new PHP 8 features and achieve optimum performance!

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