Biotechnology in Healthcare, Volume 2 - Humanitas

Biotechnology in Healthcare, Volume 2

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ISBN: 9780323900423
Published: 2022
Publisher: Academic Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 9.25×7.5
<i>Biotechnology in Healthcare</i> presents up-to-date knowledge on the emerging field of biotechnology as applied to the healthcare industry. Biotechnology has revolutionized healthcare in the last two decades by developing and introducing novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and preventive measures; whether it is noncommunicable or communicable disease, primary or secondary care, or public health, it has shown its immense potential to provide a solution to the healthcare providers, physicians, and allied health care professionals.<br>The second volume, <i>Applications and Initiatives</i>, contains 19 chapters focused on the applications of biotechnology related to public healthcare, hospital management, oncology, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases, regenerative medicine, IVF, clinical trials, precision food, FMGCs, PPCPs, pharmaceuticals, and smart technologies to monitor pandemic. Further, this volume also presents government initiatives and entrepreneurship challenges in healthcare biotechnology sector.<br>This is a valuable resource for students, biotechnologists, bioinformaticians, clinicians, and members of biomedical and healthcare fields who need to understand more about the promising developments of the emerging field of biotechnology in healthcare.

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