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Giorgio Gastaldi

Restoration of Facial Defects with Digital Technology

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ISBN: 9780323902953
Author : Giorgio Gastaldi
Published: 2022
Publisher: Academic Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 9.25×7.5
<p><i>Restoration of Facial Defects with Digital Technology </i>gives global descriptions of each method so that readers can project, design, and manufacture a maxillofacial prosthesis and customize maxillofacial surgery. It also covers using CAD-CAM technology to reduce the cost and time of making a facial prosthesis. The complete workflow for producing the ear, nasal, and oculofacial prosthesis (implant and mechanically supported), and for oncologic maxillofacial surgery is described. The atlas form of the book describes each procedure in a step-by-step manner so that readers may reproduce the process and obtain improved results with respect to the analogic procedures. This book communicates the most updated knowledge and the method of digital technology applied to the maxillofacial rehabilitation workflow, in a way that all may use it as a guide for replicating the methodologies presented in the book.</p> <p>This book will help also informatics technicians and biomedical engineers to project and customize the virtual construction of the prosthesis. It also describes how to use the new technology to reduce time and cost of the operatory room. The information in this book will also let readers: </p> <ul> <li>know the new methodologies to use digital technology instead of analogic procedures by anaplastologists;</li> <li>accomplish unusual hygiene procedures of craniofacial implants (hygienists);</li> <li>propose prosthetic alternative solution instead of the plastic surgery to the patient who lost ear, nose, or facial parts for oncologic or traumatic reasons; </li> <li>simplify the plastic reconstructive surgery and module as a function of the final prosthetic rehabilitation supported by craniofacial implants.</li></ul> <p>The book has been written by experts in the field, pulling together information from disparate sources into one reference, making it ideal for anyone working in maxillofacial rehabilitation of the face.</p>

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