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Michael Wooldridge

The Road to Conscious Machines The Story of AI

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ISBN: 9780241333907
Author : Michael Wooldridge
Published: 2021
Publisher: Penguin Books
Number of pages: 416
Language: English
Format: Paperback

In this myth-busting guide to AI past and present, one of the world's leading researchers shows why our fears for the future are misplaced

The ultimate dream of AI is to build machines that are conscious and self-aware. While this remains a remote possibility, rapid progress in AI is transforming our world. Yet the public debate is still largely centred on unlikely prospects, from sentient machines to dystopian robot takeovers.

Michael Wooldridge challenges the prevailing narrative, revealing how the hype distracts us from both the more immediate risks that this technology poses - from algorithmic bias to fake news - and the true life-changing potential of the field. The Road to Conscious Machines elucidates the discoveries of AI's greatest pioneers from Alan Turing to Demis Hassabis, and shows us what today's researchers actually think and do.

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