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Italo Calvino

Written World and the Unwritten World

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ISBN: 9780141394923
Author : Italo Calvino
Published: 2023
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Number of pages: 384
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 194×128
'An indispensable writer ... Calvino, possesses the power of seeing into the deepest recesses of human minds and then bringing their dreams to life' Salman RushdieThe difference between life and literature; the good intentions of holiday reading; the avante-garde; the fate of the novel; the fantastical; the art of translation: these are just some of the ideas in The Written World and the Unwritten World. A collection of essays, articles, interviews, correspondence, notes and other occasional pieces on writing, reading and interpreting books, this work gives us new insight into Italo Calvino's expansive, curious and generous mind.Translated by Ann Goldstein

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