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Sobotta Learning Tables of Muscles, Joints and Nerves, English/Latin

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ISBN: 9780702067686
Published: 2023
Publisher: Urban & Fischer
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
<p><b>Sobotta – learning tables for muscles, joints and nerves</b></p> <p>The most important facts about muscles, joints and nerves are summarised in 62 tables, helping you to revise methodically and efficiently!</p> <ul> <li>The <b>origin, insertion, innervation and function</b> of all muscles in the human body are presented in tabular form. The relevant muscle is shown in situ each time.</li> <li>The tables for <b>branches and innervation areas of the Plexus cervicalis, brachialis and lumbosacralis</b> give a good overview for a clinical diagnosis.</li> <li>The most important <b>joints of the upper and lower limbs</b> are shown in tables and additionally in schematic illustrations.</li> <li>The tables for <b>neuroanatomy</b> give the cranial nerves, cortical areas and nuclei of the thalamus. Tables for the cranial nerves identify and compare the pathways, supply areas and fibre qualities.</li></ul> <p><b>Compatible to the 17th edition of the Sobotta Atlas!</b></p>

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