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Aidan Walker

Furniture in Architecture

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ISBN: 9780500022542
Author : Aidan Walker
Published: 2020
Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd
Number of pages: 256
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Luke Hughes & Companys enduring and meticulously engineered furniture, an eloquent response both to the architecture it inhabits and to the true Arts and Crafts spirit, has been placed at the forefront of the craft-led renaissance in British manufacturing. Flexible in use, commercially viable and environmentally sustainable, the work furnishes many of the worlds most distinguished buildings, from Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and most of the Oxford and Cambridge University colleges to the Keystone Academy in Beijing and one of New York Citys most vibrant synagogues. Through an introduction to the studio and 25 case studies, Furniture in Architecture explores the companys place in the Arts and Crafts tradition and examines the philosophy and work of founder Luke Hughes. Aidan Walker sheds light on how the studio balances modern manufacturing technologies with abiding craft values, rendering the small furniture workshop a relevant and profitable proposition even when fulfilling large-scale commissions. This fascinating survey defines the elements of successful design and addresses the meaning of craft and craftsmanship in the digital age.

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