Žarko Paić

Art and the Technosphere: The Platforms of Strings

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ISBN: 9781527584846
Author : Žarko Paić
Published: 2022
Number of pages: 201
Format: Hardback
In the analysis of the relationship between aesthetics and contemporary art, this book investigates hermeneutics, phenomenology and semiotics when it comes to the notion of the image and its new status concerning avant-garde art, which went in the direction of the analysis of posthumanism/transhumanism. Showing that we must begin to think of the aesthetic construction of the worlds, rather than representing the idea in its eternity, it explains that contemporary art from avant-garde procedures of shock, provocation and experiment enters the area of the metatheory of visualization of the event. From the caves, temples, and cathedrals to the museums of contemporary art and, finally, to the event of creation and enjoyment in a digital simulation, a circle of the historical development of art is closed. The problem is no longer about “what” art is, but “how” we should determine the difference between the aesthetic object and artificial life.

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