Susanne Huber

Vom Konsum des Begehrens: Appropriation Art, Sex Wars und ein postmoderner Bilderstreit

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ISBN: 9783110769494
Author : Susanne Huber
Published: 2022
Publisher: De Gruyter
Number of pages: 240
Language: German
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 240×170

Concepts of sexuality and gender relations with regards to their economic conditions were subject to intensive examination in feminist art production in the United States during the 1980s. Susanne Huber explores the motif of desire as an intersection between controversial debates surrounding pornography and a critique of representation as it happened in the contexts of Appropriation Art. Against the backdrop of postmodern cultural theory and consumer critique, the specific techniques of appropriation in the works of Lutz Bacher, Sarah Charlesworth, and Barbara Bloom indicate complex constructs of difference, social ascriptions of value, and formal conflicts of repetition.

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