Audrius Ambrasas

Architecture as a puzzle

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ISBN: 9786098198850
Author : Audrius Ambrasas
Published: 2024
Publisher: Leidykla LAPAS
Number of pages: 520
Language: English
Format: Hardback

‘It is always easier to talk about architecture when observing it from the outside, from the distance of time,’ architect Audrius Ambrasas once said in an interview. The architect’s second monograph, „Architecture as a Puzzle“, presents the studio’s work, giving a more detailed look at both built and un-built creative visions from 2014 to 2024, reflecting on un-won architectural competitions, un-realised ideas, intertwining, interrupting and re-emerging projects and sketches. An important part of the book is the research study – which has itself become a narrative – carried out between 2019 and 2023, on three myths of Vilnius: the Lukiškės Square, the meridian axis, and Tautos Namai (House of the Nation) on Tauras Hill.

Audrius Ambrasas (1962) is one of Lithuania’s most prominent architects, a laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts, awarded ‘for sensitive planning of urban spaces and professional responsibility’. His major projects include the Ventspils Science and Innovation Centre VIZIUM (2022), the PAUPYS home for business in Vilnius (2020), BALTIC HEARTS business centre in Vilnius (2014), the RUPERT creative industries centre in Vilnius (2013), the DNB bank headquarters in Riga (2010), the SWEDBANK headquarters in Vilnius (2009), and the Europa office and commercial complex in Vilnius (2004).

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