Maker's Guide

Patchworking and Quilting

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ISBN: 9780500293263
Author : Maker's Guide
Published: 2017
Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd
Number of pages: 176
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Patchworking & Quilting: A Makers Guide contains 15 beautiful step-by-step projects for crafters at all levels. Each one takes its cue from a different historical tradition from English wholecloth quilting to Indian kantha, from Japanese boro patchwork to the improvisatory strip-pieced quilts of North America. Projects include classic English paper-piecing blocks; a bed cover in the iconic log cabin pattern; a graphic quilted wall hanging inspired by Amish designs; a pincushion inspired by the exquisite cord quilting in an early 19th-century corset; a wraparound cushion cover that uses the techniques and designs of classic Korean wrapping cloths; and a small bag made with the vibrant appliqué technique from Panama known as mola. Designed by teachers and practitioners at the leading edge of todays craft revival, the projects are both functional and fashionable, and include tips on how to take next steps towards developing your own designs.

This modern makers guide will inspire all readers with the confidence to express their creativity through the age-old crafts of patching and quilting.

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