Massimo Zanella

Africa : Discovering Wildlife Parks

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ISBN: 9788857248578
Author : Massimo Zanella
Published: 2023
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Number of pages: 224
Language: English
Format: Hardback
An awe-inspiring journey through the natural splendors of 30 major African parks

As the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is teeming with spectacular habitat: savannahs, rainforests, deserts, volcanic landscapes, mountains and coastlines. It is also home to an incredible wealth of animals: lions, elephants, zebras and hippos.
This volume takes the reader on a tour through 30 major African parks that help to preserve the different species that live in these areas. From Tunisia to South Africa, the parks host a tremendous array of diverse wildlife and landscapes: Volcanoes Park in Rwanda, Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe, Serengeti in Tanzania, Amboseli in Kenya, Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary and Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. With a rich array of spectacular images, Africa: Discovering Wildlife Parks includes itemized facts for each park introduced by short texts on wildlife and by examples of the main animal species living therein.

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