Chef Tee's Caribbean Kitchen

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ISBN: 9781788795104
Author : CHEF TEE
Published: 2023
Publisher: Ryland Peters Small
Number of pages: 192
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Bring the joy of Caribbean cooking to your kitchen and discover 80 varied and exciting recipes, from street food grills to one-pot stews, salads, and rum-based cocktails.

Caribbean cuisine offers a world of flavor from Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago and everything in between, all the islands have their own unique dishes and cooking styles. In this sunshine-filled book you’ll find recipes for mouth-watering hot sauces, spice rubs, fragrant marinades, and cool chutneys as well as vibrant salads, wood grills, and slowly simmered braises. Food is often eaten on the go from beach shacks or street vendors, who cook up fresh bites every day. Satisfying curries are always on the menu and are traditionally served with rice or Indian-style roti breads for wiping your plate clean, and vegetable sides. Meat is a big feature, often marinated, and fresh fish is readily available, particularly on the smaller islands, but there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes to enjoy too. And let’s not forget the rum-based cocktails! Celebrate the fresh and vibrant colors and tastes of the Caribbean in your own kitchen with delicious and easy recipes, filled with lip-smacking flavor, guaranteed to transport you to paradise.

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