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Arthur Reeves

Whiskey Tasting Kit: 2 Glasses , 4 Stones, Velvet Bag, Book,

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ISBN: 9780785841159
Author : Arthur Reeves
Published: 2022
Publisher: Chartwell
Number of pages: 32
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Discover and savor the rich flavor of one of the world's finest liquors with the Whiskey Tasting Kit, which comes complete with a tasting guide, journal, 2 glasses, and 4 stones.

Choose a whiskey, pour it in the included tumbler glasses, add the cooled stones to chill the whiskey without watering it down or altering the flavor, and get out your guide and journal--you are completely set up for a fun, whiskey-tasting adventure at home!

With the tasting guide, learn about the smooth and smoky taste and aromas of different whiskies and find your new favorite whiskey. Sound like a whiskey expert by using the included glossary to help describe the whiskeys you taste. Get the most out of your whiskey-tasting experience by using the tasting journal to keep track of your favorite whiskies and recipes.

Includes: 32-page whiskey-tasting guide 16-page tasting journal 2 whiskey-tasting glasses 4 whiskey stones in a velvet bag

Start your delicious whiskey-tasting journey today!

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