Lucy Hunter

The Flower Hunter

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ISBN: 9781788795517
Author : Lucy Hunter
Published: 2023
Publisher: Ryland Peters Small
Number of pages: 208
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Lucy Hunter invites us to join her on a personal journey to the places and spaces that she loves best, and which inspire her work as a creative floral artist and garden designer.

She explores the drama of the mountains, the ever-changing light of the coast and the enduring romance of the countryside, and even finds natural beauty in the most urban of places before returning home to give free rein to the creativity inspired by these different landscapes. In The Flower Hunter: Creating a floral love story inspired by the landscape, Lucy shows how to inspiration from the natural world and scale it down to create floral arrangements, dried and pressed flowers and natural pigments for mark making. More than just a guide to flower arranging, the book encourages us to pause and look, to open our minds and souls to the beauty of nature, allowing it to spark our creativity and encourage a sense of experimentation. Follow in Lucy’s footsteps and fill your world with flowers, craft and beauty.

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