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Complete PotteryTechniques

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ISBN: 9780241381854
Author : Published by DK
Published: 2019
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Number of pages: 256
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Discover how to develop your pottery design skills and bring your ideas to life from start to finish. Covering every technique from throwing pottery to firing, glazing to sgraffito, this pottery book is perfect for both handbuilding beginners and potting pros. Step-by-step photographs – some from the potter’s perspective – show you exactly where to place your hands when throwing so you can master every technique you need to know. Plus, expert tips help you rescue your pots when things go wrong. The next in the popular Artist’s Techniques series, this book is the ideal companion for pottery classes of any level, or a go-to guide and inspiration for the more experienced potter looking to expand their repertoire and perfect new skills. With contemporary design and ideas, Complete Pottery Techniques enables the modern maker to unleash their creativity.

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