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Kendra Norton

The Reverse Coloring BookĖ Thr ough the Seasons

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ISBN: 9781523515288
Author : Kendra Norton
Published: 2022
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Number of pages: 104
Language: English
Format: Paperback

The book has the colors, you draw the lines! Creativity is always in season with this different kind of coloring book

With reverse coloring—a new idea in creativity and mindfulness—the possibilities are endless! In Through the Seasons, the artist Kendra Norton inspires us with 50 dreamy abstract watercolors that evoke the visual flow of the year, from the vibrant flashing colors of spring to winter’s meditative blues and grays. Each is a guide for your own imagination. Trace the shapes, fill in with dots, find your own figures in the clouds of color. Even mix up the seasons—snowflakes in summer and daisies in winter! There are no rules here, except one: Have fun while you explore your creativity and calm your mind.

Reverse Coloring Book: Through the Seasons includes 50 original works of art, printed on sturdy paper that’s single-sided and perforated. All you need is a pen.

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Mano dėmesį patraukė būtent Reverse žodis. Dėmėms reikia suteikti kontūrus, o čia jau tavo kūrybai,akims ir kur markeris tave nuves, ten ir bus tavo šedevras. Kai kurie plėmai gan aiškūs, matosi puokštė, gėlės ir pan. O kai kuriuose lapuose reikia vaizduotės ir atsipalaidavimo. Nu šiaip labai smagu. :)
Jurgita, 2023-08-14
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