Philip Permutt

Crystal Connections

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ISBN: 9781800652095
Author : Philip Permutt
Published: 2023
Publisher: Ryland Peters Small
Number of pages: 144
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Bestselling author and crystal expert Philip Permutt offers the essential guide on how to take advantage of the powerful properties of crystals and how to apply their healing energies.

Crystal Connections is a detailed, accessible, and fully illustrated guide to harnessing the magic of crystals, written by one of the world’s leading crystal healers. While there are many books on crystals, this one is directed at communicating and understanding the messages within them. Discover crystals as living beings and how they not only help to heal us but also affect how we feel and influence our responses to the wider world. They can support us when we feel down or need a helping hand, or boost our natural abilities when things are going well. Crystals improve the quality of our lives. Learn how to recognize and connect with the energy of your crystals, work with them in dowsing, divination, and healing practices, how they relate to chakras, how to cleanse and look after them, and much more. Also included is a full-color crystal finder section featuring 101 of the most important crystals.

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