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Karen Swan

The Stolen Hours Book 2 Wild Isle Serie

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ISBN: 9781529084412
Author : Karen Swan
Published: 2023
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Number of pages: 432
Language: English
Format: Hardback
A gripping new series . . . beautifully told by one of our most prolific and talented writers - Santa Montefiore on The Last Summer

A reluctant bride. A forbidden romance. An island full of secrets . . .

Its the summer of 1929 and Mhairi MacKinnon is in need of a husband. As the eldest girl among nine children, her father has made it clear he cant support her past the coming winter. On the small, Scottish island of St Kilda, her options are limited. But the MacKinnons neighbour, Donald, has a business acquaintance on distant Harris also in need of a spouse. A plan is hatched for Donald to chaperone Mhairi and make the introduction on his final crossing of the year, before the autumn seas close them off to the outside world.

Mhairi returns as an engaged woman who has lost her heart but not to her fiancé. In love with the wrong man yet knowing he can never be hers, she awaits the spring with growing dread, for the onset of calm waters will see her sent from home to become a strangers wife.

When word comes that St Kilda is to be evacuated, the lovers are granted a few months reprieve, enjoying a summer of stolen hours together. Only, those last days on St Kilda will also bring trauma and heartache for Mhairi and her friends, Effie and Flora. And when a dead body is later found on the abandoned isle, all three have reason enough to find themselves under the shadow of suspicion . . .

The Stolen Hours is Book Two in Karen Swan's bestselling Wild Isle Series.

Praise for The Last Summer (Book One):

'Powerful writing and a wonderful premise make this a novel youll simultaneously want to savour and race through. I loved it and cant wait for the next in the series!' - Jill Mansell, author of Should I Tell You?

'The most exciting, enchanting and evocative story of forbidden love Ive ever read. I truly loved it and am waiting feverishly for the second installment.' - Cathy Bramley, author of The Lemon Tree Café

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