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The Tarot Spreads Yearbook: 52 Tarot Spreads

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ISBN: 9781446309643
Published: 2023
Publisher: David & Charles
Number of pages: 144
Language: English
Format: Mixed-media
The perfect book to inspire readers to use tarot as a tool to enhance intuition and mindfulness, making tarot fun and accessible for people just starting out on their tarot journey, or for the more experienced tarot reader wanting to engage with their deck more fully.

A guidebook to the art of using Tarot.

The Tarot Spreads Yearbook features 52 spreads that allow beginners to get to know their decks and cards, build confidence, and find the reading methods that are most comfortable for them - all while having fun and honing their intuition.

Featuring simple spreads for quick and easy readings, as well as more complex in-depth spreads for longer readings, the book is an easily accessible handbook for readers just setting out on their Tarot journey, the more experienced Tarot reader looking to expand and explore new ways of using their cards, or even just the casual Tarot reader who is looking for a fun way to experiment.

With 52 ideas for spreads that cover all areas of life, The Tarot Spreads Yearbook introduces readers to using the tarot as a tool for mindfulness, allowing the reader to feel more in tune with the world around them and develop trust in their own instincts.

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