Giles Chapman

The Story of the Car: The Definitive History of Automobiles

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ISBN: 9780241471272
Autorius : Giles Chapman
Leidėjas: DK
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Leidinio kalba: Anglų
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Formatas: 261 x 216

A stunning visual celebration of cars over a century of progress!

Introducing The Story of the Car - a historical and visual exploration of awe-inspiring automobiles over a period of one hundred years, from the first horseless carriage to driverless vehicles, this all-encompassing car book takes you on a journey to explore the ways in which this once rare and luxurious status symbol has become a fundamental part of everyday life.

So get in gear and drive straight in to discover:

-Fact-filled narrative spreads, profiles, and features offer readers an unrivalled range and breadth of information
-Packed with colour photographs and artworks, fascinating facts, and biographies that bring every aspect of motoring to life
-Covers cutting-edge advances in car technology providing the very latest information
-Features specially commissioned photography, alongside evocative and rarely seen archive images

Taking you on a technical journey inside the engine of a luxury car, and into the lives of the most successful pioneers of automobile history, the book also explores the possibilities of the "green" motoring, the electric engine, and the uses of AI on the roads of the future. Combining rarely seen images, insightful biographies. and fascinating features, The Story of the Car illustrates how after over a century of progress and development, cars still convey that undeniable sense of freedom, passion, excitement and desire.

From the romance of Route 66, to mainstream motor-racing, alternative car culture to taming the traffic, this all-encompassing book on cars has something for everybody to explore and love. A must-have volume for motoring enthusiasts, whether a gift or a self-purchase, The Story of the Car hosts a plethora of fascinating topics, divided into 8 key chapters, in chronological order. From inventing the car in 1885 and the birth of the automobile industry between 1906-1925, to driving into the future at the start of the new millennium, explore speed, power and style as you race across the world with your new-found knowledge on all things automobiles!

On your mark, get set, go!

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