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Alex Michaelides


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ISBN: 9780241575543
Autorius : Alex Michaelides
Leidimo metai: 2024
Leidėjas: Michael Joseph
Puslapių skaičius: 368
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai
Formatas: 234×153
Totally original and utterly compelling, with a voice all of its own, this is the outstanding new thriller from the no.1 internationally bestselling author of The Silent Patient, Alex Michaelides. ‘My favourite Alex Michaelides yet – the undisputed master of the twist’ Lucy Foley‘The king of all unreliable narrators, enough twists and turns to power two novels’ David Baldacci‘You'll think you know where it's going and you couldn't be more wrong’ Linwood Barclay‘A very special book and highly recommended’ Janice Hallett‘A masterclass in suspense’ Steve Cavanagh‘A glorious triumph - just brilliant’ Stephen Fry‘The best novel yet from Alex Michaelides’ Sophie HannahEven better than The Silent Patient… Alex Michaelides is a magician’ JP Delaney ***** 'There were seven of us in all, trapped on the island.One of us was a murderer . . .'On a small private Greek island, former movie star Lana Farrar - an old friend - invites a select group of us to stay.It'll be hot, sunny, perfect. A chance to relax and reconnect - and maybe for a few hidden truths to come out.Because nothing on this island is quite what it seems.Not Lana. Not her guests.Certainly not the murderer - furiously plotting their crime . . .But who am I?My name is Elliot Chase, and I'm going to tell you a story unlike any you've ever heard. BESTSELLING AUTHORS ARE ALREADY FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE FURY‘The Fury is a masterfully woven story of Shakespearean twists and Machiavellian turns. A Greek Tragedy in the guise of a postmodern thriller. Do not miss this one’ Holly Jackson‘A classic, twisting, brilliant murder mystery. A wonderfully drawn cast of characters with a motive to kill for, in a location to die for, keep you guessing until the shocking finale. Clever, and fiendishly fun’ Chris Whitaker‘A very sophisticated book which takes the format of a classic murder mystery and elevates it to something very devious and clever indeed. The narrator is fabulous - I was throughly gripped’ Harriet Tyce‘Endlessly evolving, wildly entertaining, and like the very best fiction, impossible to pin down. Just when you think you have it cornered, it moves, impossibly and with stunning flourish, toward a devastating finale. The Talented Mr. Ripley for our time’ Blake Crouch‘Alex Michaelides is the grand master of the modern mystery. The Fury reads like Hitchcock with a heart, or Agatha Christie running amok on a wind-whipped Greek island. The Fury will, quite literally, blow you away. Totally brilliant’ Tony Parsons‘One of those rare books where really nothing is as it seems. As usual, Alex Michaelides does not disappoint’ Ragnar Jonasson‘Glamorous, sinister, and endlessly surprising, The Fury reads like Agatha Christie and Patricia Highsmith took a Greek vacation together and decided to write a book while there. It's twisty, twisted entertainment’ Riley Sager

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