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Fossil DK Eyewitness

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ISBN: 9780241652770
Leidimo metai: 2023
Leidėjas: Dorling Kindersley
Puslapių skaičius: 72
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Kieti viršeliai
Packed with striking photography, Eyewitness Fossil explores the creatures and plants that lived long ago.

Become an eyewitness to the natural treasures found in rocks in this picture-led reference guide that will take you on a visual tour of all things fossils. Children will be mesmerised by the bones, teeth and plants from long ago that have all been turned to rock.

This beautifully illustrated guide for kids aged 9+ gives an insight into how palaeontologists learn about ancient life forms. Striking photographs, detailed diagrams and lots of examples of fossils help you to learn what can be discovered around the world and why some fossils lead to new discoveries about the past.

Throughout the pages of this newly-revised book on fossils, you can expect to find:

- A fresh new look; new photographs, updated information, and a new "eyewitness" feature. - Amazing facts, updated diagrams, statistics, and timelines. - Brand new eyewitness accounts from experts in the field.

Eyewitness Fossil introduces the ultimate guide to how fossils are formed and where they can be found. Children can learn all about which type of early human lived 1 million years ago, see a shell with precious coating and discover similarities between ichthyosaurs and modern-day dolphins. This all-encompassing guide to reptiles is a must-have for curious children aged 9+ with a thirst for learning, as well as teachers, parents and librarians.

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