Richard Pilbrow

A Sense of Theatre

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ISBN: 9781916846036
Autorius : Richard Pilbrow
Leidimo metai: 2024
Leidėjas: Ingram Publisher services UK
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Leidinio kalba: Anglų
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The story of the creation of the National Theatre, told by the last person living who was part of that process.

A Sense of Theatre is an eye-witness account of the birth and subsequent triumph of one of the world’s most famous theatres. Since the iconic building opened in 1976 on London’s South Bank, the National Theatre’s deployment of extraordinary architecture and exemplary theatrical talent has drawn audiences worldwide.

However, the 100-year dream of a national theatre for the nation did not happen without crises and setbacks. The theatre architecture has challenged generations of theatre makers, leading to innovation that has changed theatre worldwide. The architect, Sir Denys Lasdun, initially a neophyte in theatre design, subsequently became an initiator of a new way of approaching theatre design: through deep collaboration between architecture and theatre.

In 1963, Richard Pilbrow, pioneer of modern stage lighting in Britain, was appointed by Sir Laurence Olivier to help create the National Theatre of Great Britain as a member of the building committee.

This book is Pilbrow’s account of that journey, from conception to today. With insight from leading players in British theatre and, for the first time, the minutes of the deliberations between Sir Laurence, architect and leading theatre artists, A Sense of Theatre presents the dramatic quest to create a flagship theatre for the nation

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